Fighting For Justice: Aggressive Kentucky Federal Crimes Defense

Chances are you never imagined you would one day be charged with a crime and become a criminal defendant – especially at the federal level.

Given the uncertainty of your situation, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight your battle for – and with – you. You need someone who won’t judge you based on your pending charges. You need someone who is compassionate enough to meet you where you are. And most of all, you need someone who can provide a strategic and successful solution to your legal problems.

That’s where Matt Boyd comes in. Matt is a knowledgeable criminal lawyer who understands what it is like to be in your shoes. During more than 20 years of successful service to a diverse clientele, he has become well-respected throughout Kentucky. He has strong working relationships with local prosecutors, judges and law enforcement officials. That means he knows how to present a case and use the system to your greatest advantage.

Fighting For the Justice You Deserve in an Unjust World

Violations of federal law can put you at risk of prosecution, conviction and harsh punishments. Matt Boyd handles Kentucky federal crimes cases, including:

• Acts of terrorism
• Fraud — counterfeiting, credit card theft and Medicaid fraud, among others
• Immigration crimes and false claims of citizenship
• Bank robbery
• Drug crimes
• Identity theft
• Kidnapping
• Arson
• Child pornography
• Obstruction of justice

Matt combines the best of his experience, his stellar reputation and a tradition of personal service to head-off investigations and put you in the best possible legal position for trial.

Learn More During Your Free Initial Consultation

If you are facing federal crime charges, Lexington attorney Matt Boyd is here for you. Please email the firm to start a conversation about your case. Or you can call 859-252-0222 to schedule a free consultation.